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01/07/2024 Cancellation Application Form for Exemption Certification under Schedule A More>
27/06/2024 User Manual for Online Return and Payment Submission (Same Service Different Tax Rate) More>
14/06/2024 Guide on Hire Passenger Vehicles Services (Malay Version ONLY) More>
01/06/2024 Ketetapan Umum Bil. 03/2024 2024- Penjelasan Maksud Perkataan Used Directly atau Directly Used Di Dalam Perintah Cukai Jualan (Orang Yang Dikecualikan Daripada Pembayaran Cukai) 2018 (Malay Version ONLY) More>
30/05/2024 Panduan Perkhidmatan Ejen Kastam (Malay Version ONLY) More>
30/05/2024 Panduan Penerbangan Domestik (Malay Version ONLY) More>
14/05/2024 Panduan Perkhidmatan Pekerjaan (Malay Version ONLY) More>
30/04/2024 Panduan Pelupusan (Malay Version ONLY) More>
30/04/2024 Service Tax Policy No. 6/2024 (Malay Version ONLY) More>


1. Fiscal policy continues to support growth
2. Commitment towards fiscal consolidation
3. Debt as a percentage of GDP on a downward trajectory

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○ The electronic acquisition system, better known as ePerolehan, will facilitate government procurement activities and improve the quality of services provided.

○ ePerolehan will convert traditional procurement processes (manually) into government machinery to electronic procurement via the Internet.


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