Drop Us Your Inquiries

Last Updated: 10/10/2018 13:00
Send any inquiries regarding SST issues to Customs Controlling Station as per stated in your Registration Approval Letter. To get the specific email address please clicks the email link below:

1. A10 IPOH a10.sst@customs.gov.my
2. A11 TAIPING a11.sst@customs.gov.my
3. A12 TELUK INTAN a12.sst@customs.gov.my
4. A24 SRI MANJUNG a24.sst@customs.gov.my
5. B10 PORT KLANG b10.sst@customs.gov.my
6. B16 SUBANG (OPA) b16.sst@customs.gov.my
7. C10 KUANTAN c10.sst@customs.gov.my
8. C11 BENTONG c11.sst@customs.gov.my
9. C21 TEMERLOH c21.sst@customs.gov.my
10. D10 KOTA BHARU d10.sst@customs.gov.my
11. D11 RANTAU PANJANG d11.sst@customs.gov.my
12. D20 PENGKALAN KUBUR d20.sst@customs.gov.my
13. E10 LABUAN e10.sst@customs.gov.my
14. J11 BATU PAHAT j11.sst@customs.gov.my
15. J12 KLUANG j12.sst@customs.gov.my
16. J13 MUAR j13.sst@customs.gov.my
17. J31 JOHOR BHARU j31.sst@customs.gov.my
18. J86 KOTA TINGGI j86.sst@customs.gov.my
19. K10 ALOR SETAR k10.sst@customs.gov.my
20. K11 SUNGAI PETANI k11.sst@customs.gov.my
21. K16 KULIM k16.sst@customs.gov.my
22. M10 AYER KEROH m10.sst@customs.gov.my
23. N10 SEREMBAN n10.sst@customs.gov.my
24. N11 PORT DICKSON n11.sst@customs.gov.my
25. P11 GEORGETOWN p11.sst@customs.gov.my
26. P13 SEBERANG JAYA p13.sst@customs.gov.my
27. R10 KANGAR r10.stt@customs.gov.my
28. S10 KOTA KINABALU s10.sst@customs.gov.my
29. S13 LAHAD DATU s13.sst@customs.gov.my
30. S37 KENINGAU s37.sst@customs.gov.my
31. S58 SANDAKAN s58.sst@customs.gov.my
32. S60 TAWAU s60.sst@customs.gov.my
33. T10 KUALA TERENGGANU t10.sst@customs.gov.my
34. T13 KEMAMAN t13.sst@customs.gov.my
35. W10 KUALA LUMPUR w10.sst@customs.gov.my
36. W24 KLIA CD w24.sst@customs.gov.my
37. Y14 SARIKEI y14.sst@customs.gov.my
38. Y15 LIMBANG y15.sst@customs.gov.my
39. Y58 BINTULU y58.sst@customs.gov.my
40. Y60 KUCHING y60.sst@customs.gov.my
41. Y61 SIBU y61.sst@customs.gov.my
42. Y62 MIRI y62.sst@customs.gov.my